Liz Lovely

lizlovelyProduct Review: Liz Lovely’s GF Cookies


Liz and Dan Holtz founded this amazing cookie company. “We bake gourmet cookies with organic & fair trade ingredients from our 100% vegan cookie bakery in the  Green Mountains of Vermont.” Not only that, but they are delicious! (and gluten eaters love them too, Mark is a big fan!) Although my taste buds have only experienced two of their flavors thus far, they are screaming for more!

Having a cousin who is gluten free and vegan, I was quick to try these, in hopes of finding other on-the-go options for her. My first encounter was at a natural foods store during our recent Harley trip to upper Michigan. The German Chocolate Cake cookies were calling my name from the shelf. Their rich fudge flavor, topped with coconut, melted in my mouth. The regular size cookies are quite large, the kind you should share with someone, or leave half until later. (didn’t happen) They come two big cookies in a each package. I recently tracked down the cookies at the Riverwest Food Co-op in Milwaukee. My second taste test was with the Ginger Molasses cookies. Wow. Soft and chewy with a bit of spice and so much nice!

Because it is Celiac Disease Awareness Month, the folks at Liz Lovely have been kind enough to offer their gluten free selection of cookies at a discounted price. They also offer bite sized options now as well. And for the gluten lovers in the crowd, the have an entire line of options for you too. (I’m guessing they are not quite as good, *smile*  but also vegan/organic) Check them out


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